Pragwork 1.1 Released!

Pragwork is a pragmatic web application framework for PHP 5.3+. Calling it pragmatic means the result of the struggle for two different goals: the speed of execution and the speed of creation. The first has roots in simplicity and code profiling. The latter one comes from the ease of use and the overall programmer experience.

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The latest build is 1.1.0 (02-03-2011)

Why Pragwork ?


Pragwork is designed carefully. Entities were not multiplied beyond necessity and each feature has been measured during implementation. Now, it is small and simple yet powerful.


Pragwork is very easy to begin with and to learn because simplicity is one of its key guidelines. There are only a few patterns across the framework you should get to know.


Coherent API allows you to write succinct but self describing code with the real pleasure. Moreover, speed and overall application robustness surely satisfy you and your customers.


Pragwork has been written with the newest PHP 5.3 and use extensively its all benefits. Also, it makes use of some concepts found in Python as well as in the latest Ruby on Rails.

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